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Question: What is the number ONE mistake that people make when choosing MLM Software?....
Answer: They treat selecting MLM Software, like select a Family Car.

Purchasing a Personal or Family Car
Priority ONE: Cost/Budget
Find Car in Budget/Price Range, THEN consider Features I want, within my Budget

Purchasing a Business or Corporate Vehicle
Priority ONE: Feature/Function
Find Vehicle with desired Features/Functions necessary for my business, THEN, look at Budget.

IMPORTANT: Read the above content several times, and let it sink in. If you're a business person, you already know this. If this is your first time running a business, read it again, and again!

MLM Software for MLM, Direct Selling and Party Plan is a complex system designed to "BE THE CORE" of your business.  It is extremely important that it has the Features needed for Operation. Take time to provide requirements of Compensation Plan, Third-Party Integrations desired, and Operational Features BEFORE asking for price.  This way, you can be more confident that your decision will support your company and it's needs.

By the time you reach the bottom of this page, you will realize Inspetta's DB44 MLM Software for MLM, Direct Selling and Party Plan Companies is UNMATCHED by our competitors!

And this is just a 'snippet' of our available Features/Functions!

*Actual Features vary by System, Version or Custom Order

DB44 MLM Software Features

True Replicated Sites

Personalized URL

Replicated Site Owners receive their own Personalized and Dedicated Subdomain

Personalized Header

Distributor Info can be appear in the Header of Replicated Sites

Anomylized Header

Distributor Phone/Email can be different from Account Phone/Email

My Parties Home Page

Replicated Site Owner dedicated Party Home Page lists upcoming parties

My Upcoming Parties

Upcomming parties also have dedicated URLS for hosting Virtual Parties

Public Profile

Distributor Public Profile Page is Optional

Replicated Corp ecommerce

Corporate Products/Shopping is replicated to all Replicated Site Owners

Replicated Corp Content

Corporate Site Content is replicated to all Replicated Site Owners

Replicated Corp Blog

Corporate Blog Posts are replicated to all Replicated Site Owners

Personal Customer Registrations

Customers registering on Replicated Site are tracked to Owner

Guest Checkout

Guest Orders on Replicated Site are tracked to Owner and part of Personal Sales Volume

Realtime Customer Tracking

Your Personal Customer Orders are Tracked

Realtime Customer Order Tracking

Personal Customer Orders are in your Personal Sales Volume

Personal Distributor Joining

Distributors Joining on your Replicated site are Tracked to you

Realtime Distributor Tracking

Distributor Sales in your Genealogy are tracked

Realtime Distributor Order Tracking

Distributors Personal Orders in your Genealogy are tracked

Replicated Contact Form

Corporate Contact Form can send a CC to Replicated Site Owner

Member Back Office Suites

Realtime Sales Stats

Peresonal Sale Data displayed prominently on the Distributor Back Office

Private Shopping

Back Office Shopping with Preferred Pricing and Distributor Only Products

Manage Personal Customer

View Personal Customers, export with past Orders and more

Manage Personal Distributors

View Persoanl Distributors, current Sales Stats and Change Sponsor

Genealogy List View

View a Tree/List View of Genealogy with Hover triggered Sales Data

Genealogy Graphical Downline

View a Graphical Downline that is Animated and with Hover triggered Sales Data

Genealogy Graphical Radial View

View a Graphical Radial/Spider Web of Downline with Hover triggered Sales Data

Home Party Manager

Edit the look and feel of Home Party Page to market through Social Media

Sales Report

View Persoanl, Customer, Party or Group Sales Data

Downline Rank Report

Generate a report of Downline Members Rank Status and what's needed to go Higher

Downline Levels Sales Report

Generate a report of sales grouped by levels, your own, and each level beneath

Party Reports

View orders related to Parties, Customer and Host Reward Orders

Commission Earnings Report

Generate a report of Commission Earnings and which bonuses you earned on

Profile Manager

Manage your personal profile, replicated URL and Public Anomylized data

Public Anonymizer

For Privacy, use a Vanity Name, separate Email and Phone from your personal/family

Profile Images

Upload Profile Image, Dashboard Cover Image and certain public page images

Personal eWallet

Member eWallets can receive commissions, be used at Checkout and transfer to others

Personal Store Credit Wallet

Store Credits are similar to eWallets, but are non-transferrable or withdrawable

Corporate Training Area

Back Office area with Corporate provided PDF's, Training, Videos, Podcasts and more

On Hand Order Placement

Distributor Personal Invoicing of On Hand Products which can count towards Host Rewards

Party Plan Consultant Suites

Party Homepage URL

The Party Home page is a Sharable URL, where the content can be customozed

Party Homepage Editor

The Party Home Page Editor allows the Public Home Page to be customized

Party Creator

Create a Party from the Back Office, assign a Host, Catalog and send Invites

Party Dedicated URL

Each Party will recieve a Dedicated URL that can be shared or host as a Virtual Party

Party Page Editor

The Party Editor allows the Public Party URL to be customized in it's look feel

Host Manager

Select any Personal Customer to be the Party Host or create a new Customer and Host instantly

Attendee Invitations

Send email invitations, using a Corporate Template and optionally require RSVP confirmation

Set Products For Party

Select the entire company catalog or specific products to feature in a Party

Social Share Party Link

After creating a Party, click a button to share it on Facebook or Twitter

Party Manager

Create upcomming Parties, set a Host, set Catalog and Send Invitations

Place Party Orders

Place Party Orders from the entire company catalog, limited or private categories

Place Party POS Orders

POS Styled Layout for easy Tablet Shopping at Person-to-Person Home Parties

Place Party On Hand Orders

Distributor Personal Invoicing of On Hand Products which can count towards Host Rewards

Bulk Ship to Host

Bulk Ship allows Discounted Ship Rates when shipping Customer Orders to Host Address

Bulk Ship to Consultant

Bulk Ship allows Discounted Ship Rates when shipping Customer Orders to Consultant Address

Direct Ship to Customer

Direct Ship allows Custom Fixed Rate when Direct Shipping to the Customer Themselves in a Party

Bulk Payment Checkout

Bulk Process multiple Orders with a Single CC from the Distributor BO Party Area

Split Payments

Place a partial payment on multiple cards or payment methods, including eWallet

Keep Retail Bonus

Distributors could Keep Retail Profit, when paying for Party Orders with their Own CC

Place Host Rewards

Many types of Host Rewards, form % of Party Sales to dedicated Host Exclusives and more

Place Booking Rewards

Book upcomming Parties at an Existing Party and trigger more Host Rewards

Party Sales Reports

Generate a Report of Party Sales, Host Rewards and more

Split Payments Reports

Generate a Report of Split Payment Orders, and those having Balances to Pay

Party Plan Admin Suite

Host Rewards Unlimited Tiers

Corp can set and manage unlimited tiers of Host Rewards, Exclusives and Booking Rewards

Booking Rewards

Booking Rewards are Host Rewards based on the booking of Upcomming Parties at the Current Party

Parties Manager

Corp can Search Parties, modify Status, view Orders and Rewards of specific Parties

Party Orders

Access all orders of a Specific Party, including Ship and Payment status of each

Pending Party Bulk Ship

Access all orders stored for Bulk Shipping, that may be Pending shipment

Pending Party Closed Shipping

Access all orders stored, that may be pending Party Closed to release for Shipment

Party Page Templates

Corp can provide different Party Page Templates, such as for Holidays

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