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Payment of Services - Subscriptions

Payment of services is due prior to the activation of any account, back office, membership or advertising service. According to the periodic billing plan you choose, all Individuals, Entities, Businesses, Sales Reps, Corporations, Franchise Companies, Business Brokers, Agents, Legal Entities and Legal Directories membership accounts, memberships, back offices, CRM, marketing, advertising and/or listings are considered subscriptions that will be billed to your credit card on an ongoing basis. To cancel any subscription prior to additional billing, simply contact us via our Contact Form or call 16197707107.  Pricing for these memberships and/or services are subject to change with or without notice and is the responsibility of the purchaser to cancel their advertising to avoid any additional periodical subscription or recurring charges. Declined credit card authorizations, bad checks, or bad payments may be subject to a service fee that will be determined by MLMSoftwareCentral. MLMSoftwareCentral reserves the right to increase prices for any of its services or other products, at any time, with or without notice. It is the purchaser's responsibility to monitor the current prices on our website and to cancel their subscription, membership or order if they do not wish to pay.
We do not store your payment information or credit card details on our server. Recurring billing occurs by our payment processor storing and conducting the rebill. This is an important piece of information for users.

Refund Policy

MLMSoftwareCentral is in no way obligated to refund any money for any service purchases after the actual service has been activated or implemented.  The moment an account is created, service created or product/service delivered by email, the orders is considered "Delivered in FULL."  Digital delivery can not be undone, thus can not be refunded.  The order may be canceled to prevent future rebilling.

Privacy Policy

When you sign up for a product or service on this website we ask for your name, e-mail address, mailing address, phone number, and other information. This information is sometimes displayed to users of our websites in order to generate leads or to communicate an interested party's request to the selling party. MLMSoftwareCentral or our business partners and sponsors may use your information to contact you about services and opportunities, to take surveys, and to offer other related services. In addition to your contact information, we may also ask for your credit card number. Your credit card number will remain confidential and will only be used for proper billing purposes. By agreeing with these terms you agree that we may use and store your information, including credit card information, in accordance with this privacy policy. You are not permitted to use our services unless you agree with these terms.

We do not knowingly collect or solicit personally identifiable information from or about children under the age of 13. If we discover that we have received any information from a child under the age of 13, we will delete that information immediately. By visiting our websites or by submitting any information to our websites, you are representing to us that you are age 13 or older.  If you are aware of an account or member that is under the age of 13, report it immediately to our support staff at 16197707107.


Cookies are small text data files that we transfer to our users' hard disk or browser for added functionality. It is very common for sites like ours to use cookies. We use cookies to improve the way our network operates and to help our users use our services, but such cookies do not contain anything that can be used to personally identify users. You may still use the website if you set up your browser to reject cookies.

Links to Other Websites

MLMSoftwareCentral may link to other websites, which is done for your convenience and information only, and occasionally other websites may be co-branded with our trade names and trademarks. Websites that are linked to our websites or carry our brands may have privacy policies which differ from ours, and which we do not control. In no way are we responsible for the content, representations, advertising, or anything else found on these websites and has no control over this information. Users of this website visit these sites under their own risk.

Affiliate Website

MLMSoftwareCentral may expect to receive site users and listing service purchases from traffic delivered from partner and affiliate websites. We are not responsible for any false or misleading claims made by affiliates or partners. Refunds made to these customers, for any reason, will only be completed after we receives a full and equal refund from the affiliate or partner website that was paid a commission to deliver the listing service purchaser.

Jurisdiction and Legal Issues

The use of this website or its services is governed by the laws of the State of TX. Any enforcement of these terms or disclaimer will be brought in the state or federal courts located in Reno, TX. Any claim against MLMSoftwareCentral will also be required to be brought in the state or federal courts located in Reno, TX. MLMSoftwareCentral reserves the right to request and to receive an arbitration hearing for any claims brought against the company, its officers, management, owners, or employees by any site users, clients, or other parties that will be fully paid for by the person(s), company(s), or organization(s) making the claim. Any arbitration hearing will be held in Reno, TX. The use of this website or any of its services signifies that you agree with these terms and disclaimer. If you do not agree with these terms and disclaimer then you are not permitted to use this website or any of our services. We recommend that you hire an attorney if you need assistance understanding these terms.

Newsletter, Magazines, and other Publications

All of the Terms of Use and Disclaimers outlined on this page apply to all MLMSoftwareCentral websites, newsletters, magazines, publications, advertising, press releases, and other forms of communication.

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