Social Marketing

First, be aware that Social Marketing has some 'Gotchas.'

   1.) It is a continually changing landscape, therefore underlying API's and Social Platform Policies may change.
   2.) The viability of a single platform as a successful sales channel may change from month to month or based on users changing their preferences of which Social Platform they use and how often.
   3.) There may be legal implications of markting your product through Social Media.
   4.) There may be conflicts of interest, when Corp is Social Marketing along with it's Sales Reps.
   5.) There may be disturbance of your product's value, as well as an undermining of the Opportunity of other Sales Reps, if Sales Reps begin low-ball selling.
   6.) There may be Brand and Image damage, if the public at large becomes unhappy with your Company, Product, Customer Support, Response time on Issues, etc and posts those comments through Social Media themselves!

For those reasons and more, Social Marketing may not be right for you.  In fact, many top MLM and Direct Selling companies Prohibit, or have strict limitations to online marketing and shareing of the Company, Brand, Products, etc.

Now, for those Companies that see Social Marketing as an opportunity to utilize some incredible Sales Channels, made even more incredible by allowing Sales Reps to engage therein... we have MLM Software & Social Platform Integrations.  In other words, we have API integrations to many Social Marketing Platforms, and provide integrated feature sets to Empower SALES!  *Be sure to develop company policies for Social Marketing, as several 'Gotchas' were stated above.

FYI: Our competition reads our site, so forgive is if we don't share every detail, but what if you could schedule Auto-Posting from your Inventory for the next year, or maybe run Flash Sales?  Would that be of interest?  Well, we should talk, because there is a whole lot more!  1-888-221-0106

Social Marketing Development and Implementation

How do you Prepare your game-plan? How do you Budget for it? How do you Implement it? How do you Measure and Adjust? Can someone do it for you?... Absolutely. Listen, we were straight with the Gotchas above. Folks that Guarantee First Page, or some other Metric are just baiting for your business, with little or no real expectation to actually deliver for you. FYI: The many Social Channels to market on have caused folks Ad Spending to be spread across multiple channels, till their money is hardly effective. The same goes for raw postings and shares. The Social Marketing landscape changes regularly and is not a Silver Bullet. If done right, it can be extremely effective, but it is a changing environment that can be massively successful or a massive failure.


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