MLM Software Mobile Apps

Mobile APPs - Step into Mobile Apps, develop your own, or contract us to develop one. Keep in mind that APP technology and mobile devices continue to evolve, so factor that into any Mobile APP plan. We've done a lot of APPs, including a POS for tablets? Oh... and why not make the whole site Mobile Accessible?

APP Technology - Core coding languages have changed dramatically, and will continue to evolve, as some seek easy UI and/or drag and drop development, but face challenges if the desired APP is intended to serve an enourmous userbase with realtime and dynamic inter-user activities.  The UI (User Interface) must be easy and fluid, while providing user features and functions needed for your use. Then, the APP will reside, and be used, on what device?... iPhone, Android Tablet, Kindle Fire... or one of the hundreds of other device types.  What about the device versions?  Is the user's device using OS10 and you're APP is for 10, but you have a lot of folks saying it does not work? Are users expected to Upgrade their device to use your APP?

APP Hosting - You have an APP and you've generated several versions of it to cover IOS, Android, MS... now you need a hosted account to make it available in the various marketplaces, that users may access it. Apple, Google Play and Windows APP Stores are the 3 majors, but there are many others... such as Samsung, for specific devices.  You will need to pay a fee to Host the APP, at each marketplaces. We see stated prices for each, but when actually hosting for users, we often see higher costs.

APP as a Tool - Consider what the APP will do.  If it took 5 years and Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars to create the MLM Software Platform you are going to use, do you think an APP can be created, to perform every function, exactly the same, and be created in 30 days for only $50.00? No.  View the APP as a specialized Tool, which you feel a need for and value in offering.  If you are a Nutritional MLM and launch a Weight and Excersize Tracking APP with Meal Suggestions... then you have a Tool... Spot on!


MLM Software Features

Features of MLM Software may vary, based on the Version or your Budget. That said, if your budget dictates your decisions, you could handicap your business. Common MLM Platform features to consider include Public eCommerce Integration, Product Commissionable Values, Public Content Management, Distributor Corporate Resource or Training Area Management, Reports, Newsletters, Order Management, Autoships, Distributor and Customer Management, Genealogies, Commission Calculations, Payment Gateways and Inventory Management.

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The extensive feature sets, integrated into high-performing and dependable platform, designed to SELL!

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