New Business RUSH is On!
Wednesday, November 9, 2016

New Business RUSH is On!

I'mn going to speak to you, as an Insider, with the desire to share 2 critical junctures that exist, at this moment.  Every year, we have cyclical patterns of MLM/Direcct Selling business advancement and retraction in sales patterns.

On what I am about to share, compound this info with the Election Results.  Election years can be hard years for business and this particular year was brutal.

NEWS FLASH: The Election is OVER!!!!

Now, we can look at the rest of 2016 and into 2017

1.) The Election is Over
2.) We will move forward and Grow at a Solid Pace
3.) MLM/Direct Selling companies, already 'Positioned' should drive a lot of sales during the Holidays, beginning NOW
4.) Potential Start Ups or Failing Companies seeking to Re-Start can restructure and tap some sales in the Holidays, but more importantly, have an opportunity to ride the 2017 Spring Wave

Ok, so point '1' is a FACT and point '2' is Optimism.
Points '3' and '4' should be examined to see if you fit into one of those two groupings.

I've been a Consultant, Marketer, Business Developer, Product Developer and Software Provider in the industry for over 24 yrs.
I used to track the number of calls that came in during a month, noting the compensation models a caller would inquire about, tracking interest levels and subsequent launches and failures.  For years, I would prepare an end of year projection on the upcoming year.

More importantly, I've tracked hundreds of MLM/Direct Selling companies, with millions of sales transactions, revealing cyclical patterns within a year and augmentations on election years.

3.) MLM/Direct Selling companies, already 'Positioned'.... Hear me!  If you are in business, with:

  • Solid product supply chain
  • Banking and CC processing in place
  • Corporate, site and product branding
  • Web Marketing, SEO, Social Marketing
  • Sales reps in place, (even if only 10)
  • MLM/Direct Selling/Party Plan Software in place
  • A compensation model designed to foster consumer sales

Hit the office at 6am every day, focus on the stability and growth of inventory, finances and sales reps.
If you have MOST of the above, then CALL me Quickly to engage in items Key to your Success.
If you are Positioned, or can Get Positioned Quickly (call me if you need help), then you have EVERY Opportunity to Expand and/or Solidify your Company, RIGH NOW!

4.) Potential Start Ups or Failing Companies seeking to Re-Start.... Hear me!  If you are in or seeking to be in business, with

  • Existing Company that has Struggled, needing to Re-Position
  • Existing Company on OTHER MLM Software Failing You
  • Desired Start-Up with a Great Product or Concept

You CAN take advantage of the enourmous Ramp of Sales from Mid-January through June, but you MUST begin to get Positioned NOW and you need help in several key areas.

Groundswell from Other Software Providers

We have seen an alarming number of companies, using othe MLM Software providers, crippled and failing, seeking help.  We've transferred many companies from other providers, in order to provide expected features, genealogies, reports, replication, blog, marketing, flexibility, accuracy of commission calculations, social marketing, party plans, on hand orders, ewallets and much more.

In the process of working with migrating clients, we've been astonished at the failures of these software providers.  One of them, that I would have least expected, had an administrative area that resembles a 1990 administration area of unconnected modules.  I could not believe my eyes.  It's not heresay and blame that clients have expressed, but they've shared their administrative consoles.  WOW!

If you want to do BIG things in the industry, then determine whether it is the Holiday Season or 2017 Spring Ramp that is your target and give us a call.  1-888-221-0106



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