Top 10 Reasons to Start Your Own Party Plan Business

Top 10 Reasons to Start Your Own Party Plan Business

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

"DB44 Party Plan Software” the Number One Direct Selling Party Plan Software Platform.

My name is Scott Leonard, and I've been assisting companies in the MLM and Direct Selling Industry for well over 24 years.  One of the most Striking differences, that I see in companies, is the "Core Focus" or "Core Purpose" that a company has.  You see, the Core Focus or Core Purpose is the "Why" and set's the stage and atmosphere, for every area of a company.
While I have seen many differences in the Core Focus or Core Purpose, most of companies would fall into two differences in their focus/purpose.  In fact, every company will state or verbalize their position, but if you have extended conversations with the President, CEO, and/or Founders, then weigh the entire conversation, it does come down to these two differences in their focus/purpose.

The two Focus/Purposes, which we will address are:
1.) Focus on Products
2.) Focus on Recruiting

Now, a surface conversation, a short promotional blurb, or some printed material may say one thing, but an in-depth conversation, reveals real intent!
If you don't know, a focus on Products is preferred. Recruiting is an activity of increasing your Sales Reps... to Sell more Product.

So many times, a call comes in, where the caller is seeking MLM Software or Party Plan Software.
I ask them to tell me a bit about their business...
..Then, they begin by stating we have a great product, but where our power is, is in our compensation plan of.., bonuses on recruiting, how they have top leaders ready to begin with the company, how they have tools to empower distributors...
.....Do you hear anything about the companies purpose? They stated they had a great product, but 99% of the words out of their mouth, was about a compensation plan, distributors, recruiting, distributor tools, etc.
This, in contrast, to someone that calls in and states...
..I don't know much about compensation plans, but we have a product, that every time customers use it, they call in with excitement of how it changed their life.
...Our product helps them feel better, look better... We have secured our supply chain and would like to expand our sales, believing that an MLM or Direct Selling Party Plan model could aid us in reaching more customers with our life-changing products.

Do you see the difference? A stated purpose, mission, etc. is one thing, but a full conversation demonstrates two completely different purposes.
Ok, Now that I've set that ground-work... Let's get on with my Top 10 List for Starting a Party Plan Business!!!

1.) Party Plan models get your products, in front of live customers(when not virtual parties, however virtual parties allow you to reach customers that may not be able to attend).
2.) Party Plan models allow a Consultant to personally share your company's product with the customers, exuding faith, trust and a desire to share the product with customers.
3.) Direct Selling Sales... worldwide are estimated to be over $114 BILLION!
4.) We are coming close to 10% of Consultants working in Direct Selling as a Full-Time activity! That's what you want for a Brand Ambassador! Dedication! 
5.) Party Plan models tend to be much more profitable, for less amount of work. (Says about 90% of Direct Sellers!)
6.) Not all Direct Selling companies use Party Plan, under 30% do. But those that do, enjoy Person-to-Person sales, which seems to me... to be better for ROI
7.) USA is Number ONE, at an estimated $29.8Billion in Direct Selling Sales!
8.) We tend to see Consultants/Distributors on average Sell More, more often earning Retail Bonuses.
9.) Host Rewards empower Consultants/Distributors to benefit general customers, for inviting their friends over for a Party.
10.) Many times, a Hostess will hold more parties, as they enjoy earning FREE or Discounted Products!

And, in case you are new to the industry, Direct Selling IS MLM.
Party Plan is a Sales Practice employed for Person-to-Person selling... thus is an extension of features, functions, sales practices.
Direct Selling is merely a title, that many MLM Companies choose to describe their business, aligning themselves with a primary business practice of selling products to consumers.
Many MLM's sell products to consumers. Those that choose Direct Selling language are simply trying to separate, from the handfuls in MLM that may not be focused on selling products to consumers, choosing to align themselves with like-minded MLM Companies under the title Direct Selling.
..In fact, they are all MLM, many MLM are Direct Sellers, some MLM have different purposes.
One level or Ten levels, Binary or Unilevel, Levels or Break Away... you are tracking sales to uplines or teams/groups, based on qualification structures.
...MLM... swallow deep. Now, for marketing purposes, it may be that your business is better suited to carry the banner as Direct Selling, but please don't be so 'green', as to say... we are not MLM!

No two companies are the same. In fact, the compensation plan is the most common point that companies diverge. Our platform allows over 50k possible configuration differences, WITHOUT getting into added Custom Programming Costs!  Of course, you could invent a new bonus or function, but our MLM Software System is light-years ahead of other MLM Software providers.

Here are the major features of our MLM Software (DB44):

  • Most Accurate Software System
  • Efficient & Reliable
  • TRUE Sub-domain Replication Availability
  • Replicated Sites to have Personalized Headers
  • Party Plan Enhancements
  • Private Party Page URL Enhancements
  • Marketing Site Enhancements
  • Social Marketing Enhancements
  • Social Checkout Enhancements
  • Contact Manager Sales Funnel
  • eWallet Enhancements
  • Compact Administration of Products & Sales
  • Members & Commissions
  • Full Profile & Personal Photo
  • Sales Reporting
  • Genealogy Viewers
  • UniLevel , Binary , Matrix and Many More
  • Corporate Resource Section for Training
  • Administration POS for Tradeshows
  • Privatized Member Names
  • Flexibility to Split Payment
  • Distributor Commission Options
  • Automatic Customer Sales Reporting
  • Automated Sales Rep Signups
  • Simple & Clean Sales Rep Back Offices

There are various factors those effects the features of MLM Software which includes version of the software you want to purchase or level of your budget. It means, if your budget states your decisions, you may have difficulties in achieving success from your business.

For more information, call (888) 221-0106 or 619-770-7107 or send your compensation plan for a free review to

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