2018 MLM Software Advancements 2

2018 MLM Software Advancements 2
Tuesday, March 13, 2018

“PARTY PLAN MLM Software” is the platform that runs Direct Selling, Party Plan and MLM Companies.

In case you are new to the industry, Direct Selling ...Party Plan... IS MLM.
Party Plan is a Sales Practice employed for Person-to-Person selling... thus is an extension of features, functions, sales practices... from typical MLM.

Direct Selling is merely a title, that many MLM Companies choose to describe their business, aligning themselves with a primary business practice of selling products to consumers.
Many MLM's sell products to consumers. Those that choose Direct Selling language are simply trying to separate, from the handfuls in MLM that may not be focused on selling products to consumers, choosing to align themselves with like-minded MLM Companies under the title Direct Selling.
..In fact, they are all MLM, many MLM are Direct Sellers, some MLM have different purposes.
One level or Ten levels, Binary or Unilevel, Levels or Break Away... you are tracking sales to uplines or teams/groups, based on qualification structures.
...MLM... swallow deep. Now, for marketing purposes, it may be that your business is better suited to carry the banner as Direct Selling, but please don't be so 'green', as to say... we are not MLM!

So, why hit this, as MLM Software Advancements 2? Well, Party Plan has been around for a long time.  MLM Software has been around for a long time. Half-Baked Party Plan systems, trying to have the needed MLM Features, verses Half-Baked MLM Systems, trying to have the needed Party Plan Features... both sit at the table, as available, but the end result is ugly.

Modern MLM Software for MLM, Direct Selling and MLM Companies is designed to be ecommerce, for the public, full management for corporate, and individual sales suites of tools for your Sales Reps....  Back Office Party Orders Managment for in-person parties, Dedicated URL for Public Party or Virtual Party Operations, incredible set of Host Reward Tier structure capabilities, as well as Booking Rewards.

Consider, a Host Reward Category has products that are ONLY available as a Host Reward. The sku is not available in the normal public shopping flow, not searchable, and not commissionable.

Typically, Host Reward Orders are completely excluded from commission calculations similar to Corporate Tools.

Then, two amazing features that may be implemented
1. Allow Sales Rep to Keep Retail Commission, at time of placing bulk orders
2. Allow Sales Reps to Sell from On-Hand Inventory, yet still count towards Host Rewards.

Now, couple the incredible Social Marketing Tools, and we have an Incredible Platform!
This is Real MLM Software!

Here are key features of our MLM Software (DB44):

  • Most Accurate Software System
  • Efficient & Reliable
  • TRUE Sub-domain Replication Availability
  • Replicated Sites to have Personalized Headers
  • Party Plan Enhancements
  • Private Party Page URL Enhancements
  • Marketing Site Enhancements
  • Social Marketing Enhancements
  • Social Checkout Enhancements
  • Contact Manager Sales Funnel
  • eWallet Enhancements
  • Compact Administration of Products & Sales
  • Members & Commissions
  • Full Profile & Personal Photo
  • Sales Reporting
  • Genealogy Viewers
  • UniLevel , Binary , Matrix and Many More
  • Corporate Resource Section for Training
  • Administration POS for Tradeshows
  • Privatized Member Names
  • Flexibility to Split Payment
  • Distributor Commission Options
  • Automatic Customer Sales Reporting
  • Automated Sales Rep Signups
  • Simple & Clean Sales Rep Back Offices

There are various factors those effects the features of MLM Software which includes version of the software you want to purchase or level of your budget. It means, if your budget states your decisions, you may have difficulties in achieving success from your business.

For more information, call (888) 221-0106 or 619-770-7107 or send your compensation plan for a free review to support@inspetta.com


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