MLM Software: Getting your Sales Reps paid FASTER!

MLM Software: Getting your Sales Reps paid FASTER!
Thursday, March 15, 2018

MLM Software: Getting your Sales Reps paid FASTER!

Companies in the MLM, Direct Selling and Party Plan Industry want to keep their Sales Reps MOTIVATED!  It takes a delicate formula of potential compensation plan commissions/bonuses, marketable products at marketable prices, timing, branding, marketing potential and materials, solid corporate entity and customer support staff… yet with all of that in place, it seems a critically overlooked area is the Payment and Disbursement methods to Sales Reps.

In short… “Pay them Fast, Pay them Often, Pay them Well, they will be more likely to repeat their activities of selling the company’s products and services” -Scott H Leonard

MLM Software for Party Plan and Direct Selling is the backbone for a company. It is the operational system/platform that runs and manages most of the company’s activities.

So, it is here, in the MLM Software, that we provide incredible tools and features, designed to drive and motivate Sales Reps to SELL!

When we speak of getting paid fast, and MLM Software, we are often seeking ways to integrate, via an API, another platform which may provide private branded debit cards to your Sales Reps and/or transfers directly to a member’s Bank Account.

POINT: These third-party platforms, debit cards, services, etc are in Business. What does that mean? Well, it means, somehow, their business model is to collect fees/charges from your company and/or your members, more often, per transaction of your Sales Reps using the Debit Card or making withdrawals at an ATM.

Here is a bit MORE transparency… most will not give you this insider info…. But, those calling to offer Private Branded Debit Cards… invite the sales rep to come to your office, close the door, then ask… “what’s in it for me?”  That’s right, what is in it for you, to offer the Private Branded Debit Cards?  This is the conversation Sales Reps tend to never know about!.... The Sales rep will often say, well, the setup fee of $x.xx per account, we can pay you $x.xx of that. Also, if we set the maximum amount of ATM withdrawal to $xxx.xx, if a user wants to withdraw $1000, they would have to conduct 3 or 4 different withdrawals at the ATM, each of which have a transaction fee of $x.xx and we will give you $x.xx each time one of your members makes a withdrawal at an ATM.  Ok, you plan to have 100k Sales Reps… each will probably make 3 withdrawals per week… and you have these nice checks pouring in.

Unfortunately, the fees for loading accounts, to account creation, monthly account fees and withdrawal/transaction fees have become the greatest detraction to Private Branded Debit Cards.
Basically, the industry cost, everyone… especially the person intended to receive and enjoy commissions.

We witness trends of compensation plan types, bonus types, details and methods around disbursements… and many more topics, swing like a pendulum… popular, unpopular, popular, unpopular.

Today, we are witnessing a growing number of companies gravitate back to Paper Checks, due to the costs and fees around Private Branded Debit Cards.  All the while, members want to be paid quickly, and the companies have now delayed disbursements.

So, how does Inspetta’s DB44 MLM Software for Direct Selling and Party Plan answer these challenges?

Well, we’ve introduced several features/functions and I will try to express them as simply as possible.

eWallets (MLM eWallets)

An eWallet is a virtual account ledger. Typically, an eWallet system for MLM is an added $20k to $50k cost to the company.  Inspetta’s MLM Software introduces eWallets as an integral part of our Enterprise Platforms.  In other words, no added cost.

  1. Users May have commissions deposited to their eWallet instantly
  2. Customers AND Distributors can have eWallets
  3. Users may allow it to build, pay period by pay period
  4. Users may spend during Checkout on our MLM Platform
  5. Users may transfer funds to other Users, Customer or Distributors
  6. Users may transfer to the Corp Account as a Withdrawal Request
  7. Corp has an area to manage Withdrawal Requests
  8. Users may add a Paypal Email Address and/or ACH info
    1. When pulling Withdrawal Requests to process
      1. Some may have Paypal – send t Paypal
      2. Some may have ACH – send via your Bank’s ACH
      3. Some may not, yet their Address and Info will enable you to Cut a Check

Keep RB

Keep RB is a function that may be implemented, and popular for Party Plan Bulk Checkout.  In essence, you could have 10 ladies place orders at a party, handing cash or check. You put  the orders in the MLM Software System and choose for Bulk Checkout.  When you go to Pay for the Bulk Orders with YOUR CC, the CC may be billed your Distributor Price, allowing you to keep the RB(Retail Bonus) commission, that is already in your pocket!

Auto Deposit RB

Auto Deposit RB is a function that Public Party orders, as well as Public Customer shopping orders, when paid, can have the Retail Bonus transferred immediately to the eWallet of your Sales Reps… complements of the hottest MLM Software on the Planet!

NOTE: We do get asked, if users can connect their MLM Software eWallet directly to their Bank Accounts… allowing them to move funds in and out from their bank.  We implemented as a Withdrawal Request, with features for the company to process things, for an important reason.  Basically, if the eWallet account connects directly to their bank, then the funds you store in the eWallet are viewed, more like a Bank Account.  Basically, your company will most likely fall under state Banking Laws… you do not want this!

Here are key features of our MLM Software (DB44):

  • Most Accurate Software System
  • Efficient & Reliable
  • TRUE Sub-domain Replication Availability
  • Replicated Sites to have Personalized Headers
  • Party Plan Enhancements
  • Private Party Page URL Enhancements
  • Marketing Site Enhancements
  • Social Marketing Enhancements
  • Social Checkout Enhancements
  • Contact Manager Sales Funnel
  • eWallet Enhancements
  • Compact Administration of Products & Sales
  • Members & Commissions
  • Full Profile & Personal Photo
  • Sales Reporting
  • Genealogy Viewers
  • UniLevel , Binary , Matrix and Many More
  • Corporate Resource Section for Training
  • Administration POS for Tradeshows
  • Privatized Member Names
  • Flexibility to Split Payment
  • Distributor Commission Options
  • Automatic Customer Sales Reporting
  • Automated Sales Rep Signups
  • Simple & Clean Sales Rep Back Offices

There are various factors those effects the features of MLM Software which includes version of the software you want to purchase or level of your budget. It means, if your budget states your decisions, you may have difficulties in achieving success from your business.

For more information, call (888) 221-0106 or 619-770-7107 or send your compensation plan for a free review to


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