MLM and Direct Selling Explosion

MLM and Direct Selling Explosion

Monday, April 9, 2018

The title says it all

MLM and Direct Selling Explosion!

There is something afoot, and I believe it stems from the incredible shift in the US Economy, which itself stemmed from hard-working Americans 'Demanding' a change in Politics, Taxes and Business!
Credit TRUMP, if you must point to an administration, but this began by the shear WILL OF THE PEOPLE, in the FACE of IMPOSSIBLE Political Odds and international attempts to not only Disrupt our Election Process, but to turn side against side.

On the one hand, we have seen a serious ramp in those seeking to launch Ponzi Schemes. As for Inspetta, we try to weed them out and decline to provide MLM Software to many.

On the other hand, WOW! The Entrepreneur Spirit seems to be at an all-time HIGH And Growing!  I don't believe you will begin seeing the number on this, for some time, but pay attention...  An old timer used to speak of feaversishly exchanging words as at a level of Swaping Spit. I'm not sure I ever understood that, but it certainly jumps to mind, as I consider the crazy advances going on today.

  • March 27, ACN Inc., celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2018.
  • March 30, I read an article in Forbes, about Tuperware working with NASA... Ok, Tupperware is like a household name, most give it recognition as an MLM, but come on!!! .. an MLM/Direct Selling Company working with NASA!!  
  • April 2, PR Newswire sent out: USANA opening in Romania, Germany, Italy, and Spain on June 20th (Global Leader in Nutrition Expanding to Four New Markets)
  • At Mid-Day, I enjoyed a call with Leaders of an Existing Company, that are preparing thier teams expansion into a series of New Countries. (I will avoid naming the indviduals, teams, company or countries, for obvious reasons...)
  • This afternoon, I sent out a Decline Letter for MLM Software... for points provided to the prospect.
  • Start Ups are solidifying their supply chain and brand, via Shopify and BigCommerce, then opening up MLM/Direct Selling, contracting MLM Software, as an Expansion of a then Solid Business.
  • Existing MLM and Direct Selling Companies are re-positioning themselves with Different MLM Software Vendors to take advantage of new features, tools, programming... thus marketing and sales opportunities.
Ok, I provided a short list, as it seemed this would become novel, should I share every exciting advancement, expension and turn of events since January 1, 2018... it's HUGE!

We saw over-the-top tv boxes hit, then flash... gone.
We saw a strong swing of start-ups with Cryptocurrencies. We are now seeing that market undermined by reality... as much of that sector is based on black-market money transfers.
We saw, and continue to see, CBD, Weed... variants thereof... calling in. Some claim to manufacture, others to only deliver... we want to be the Uber of CBD, etc.  

It's amazing what businesses are created, on the fringe of being an acceptable product.

Then, we have Fashion, Clothing, Jewelry, Vitamins, Drinks, Cosmetics....
..Traditional products, beautifully packaged... new design, ingredient, etc
..Guess what?... There's still an incredible business to be done out there!

Those seeking to become an entepreneur in 2018, CAN DO IT!
..a.) They can become a Distributor/Consultant with a company who's product they can be Passionate about
..b.) They can Start Their Own MLM or Direct Selling Company

The sky is the limit and it is looking like we may be at the beginning of a 5-10 year run in a positive sales and growth cycle for the MLM and Direct Selling Industry.

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