Smart Start Prelaunch!

Smart Start Prelaunch!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

The title says it all

Smart Start PreLaunch for MLM Software!

Once you make the decision to launch your own MLM or Direct Selling Company, you quickly realize the overwhelming responsibility that you've committed to.  Perhaps you started down the road of MLM Software or you've sunk a ton of money in product manufacturing.  Either way, the costs and time to market begin to reveal a slow pay-back.  Wouldn't it be AWESOME if you could run a Successful Prelaunch and build hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of potential customers or distributors, all anxious for access to your product or business opportunity?  Furthermore, wouldn't it be AWESOME if the Prelaunch System was designed to transfer into or upgrade into, real, live MLM Software?

Smart Start Prelaunch!

New Business, Product, Brand, Opportunity? Start a Viral Prelaunch Campaign, with our Smart Start Prelaunch. Literally drive 10's of thousands of people across a landing page and system, designed to compound registrants in a Viral Prelaunch! Use this time to introduce an upcoming brand, product or business opportunity... or, open a new Country!  And it's built on the same DB44 Platform, Database and Code in place, that you can pay and upgrade to FULL MLM SOFTWARE when you are ready!

For GREATER Success, hire our Marketing Team to set up a POWER PRELAUNCH or RELAUNCH!

Viral Email Invitation Only!

Participants can enter Name and Email to fire out company prepared email invitations, that will direct recipients to the company landing page.  The user will simply enter the email which the received the invite on(hence will be recognized in our system), enter a password, and they are IN!!!!  Now they can immediately begin sending email invites to their friends.

Viral Smart/Social Link Invitation!

Participants will have a Sharing Link, a Viral Link, dedicated for them.  They can be on the Prelaunch Site with their Mobile, copy the link and fire out in a text message to their phone's contacts. They could fire to Whats App, Facebook, Instagram Followers, Twitter Followers and more!
Any single participant could quickly get info out about your company's launch, brand, product with a link, that users click, enter their Name, Phone, Email, Password... and they are IN...  ready to grab Their Viral Smart/Social Link to share with their phone's contacts or social media followers!
..Your company could go Viral FAST!!!

Count Down to Launch!

Most companies want a Count Down to Launch, prominently displayed on the landing page, where invitees come to confirm and invitation.  A solid video that highlights the new launch, brand, product and FREE-No-Strings-Attached-Prelaunch-Registration... come on and Join us!  The count down adds urgency!

Global MAP!

This is where it gets FUN!  As an individual's entities confirm their invitation, pins appear on a map of the world!  That's right, at it's foundation, we grab an IP and use IP to location to place them on the map. If the invitee later sets an address, city, state, the pin gets updated in it's placement!

Animated Radial - 350 Degree - Spider Web - Genealogy View!

Yes, that's a mouthful, but this Genealogy View is simply AWESOME!  A Downline quickly get's built out, with no purchase or commitment!  Why is this important?
1.) It gives visual view of Growth to Users, confirming they have go their hands on an opportunity, and are off to the races with a downline!!!
2.) It gives you a growing base of followers, put straight into an Email Campaign ID, that you could stack up Drip Email Campaigns, dripping out updates of the Product/Brand/Opportunity Release!
3.) It vies you affirmation of interest in your Product/Brand/Opportunity, which may play a role in your investment in to inventory or MLM Software Systems!

Member Profile!

The Member Profile can include a Questionnaire that leads them in interest points of your product, actual Member Profile to begin collecting real contact info and tax id, as well as ability to set or change password!
It's also a great place to provide an Upgrade/Conversion option, near the end of your Prelaunch!

End of Prelaunch!

A successful prelaunch will include a conversion point.  That is, a deadline and period for persons to register with an application fee, or an optional product purchase, enter info regarding their replicated site name, accept the company's Policies and Procedures and Distributor Policy and Procedures...

Usually, a period is about a Week, with a deadline at 5pm Friday.  Everyone can upgrade within the week. The reason for the upgrade period is that people will get the message, or get the time to take action, at different points during the week.  Some people are very busy and miss the message or have things come up.  Basically, those that choose to upgrade, within the week, are confirmed as upgraded, but the Final Genealogy is Pending the Deadline. This allows everyone an opportunity to upgrade, and at the deadline, the conversion to full Genealogy occurs, compressing out those that do not upgrade, but retaining the sequential order and downlines that were present during PreLaunch.  In laymans terms... my downline of thousands of people could upgrade for Real Launch on Monday. I am busy and don't get around to it until Friday Morning. My downline from Prelaunch will be maintained beneath me, as long as I have upgraded by the Deadline!

Inspetta's core platform is called DB44, and on it we have Full Enterprise Systems down to Smart Start versions.

For assistance in Designing a Compensation Plan, developing a System Specification, Developing your MLM Software Platform or Party Plan System, or Services to conduct Channel Marketing... call us 1-888-221-0106

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