What To Look for in MLM Software

What To Look for in MLM Software

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Take it Seriously!

MLM Software, for the most part, RUNS your company!

If you are an Existing MLM or Direct Selling Business, an Existing eCommerce Business seeking to expand into Direct Selling and MLM, or if you are a Move and Shaker / Entrepreneur, ready to OWN YOUR OWN MLM or Direct Selling Business... Your selection of MLM Software will be the Most Important decision you will make.  Yes, selecting product, packaging, marketing are all important... But MLM Software RUNS your business, allows your Admins to manage Orders, Calculate Commissions, Provide Tools to your Distributors / Consultants / Independent Resellers, and provide public users with a shopping experience... and more!  That is a mouthful and you don't locate such a platform in a plug-in module or script. It is an entire Application, an entire Software System.  If built correctly, it is a Solid Platform, for which almost every aspect of your business will run.


100%, the biggest mistake made by folks that begin shopping MLM Software is to pick up the phone and dial around, asking about Cost.  If you didn't get the idea above, let me state it this way.

A.) If your family needs a car, you might start with How Much you can afford, then define down the need for a 4 door or minivan, etc.

B.) If you are a Business, say an Roofer and you need an automobile for your business.. You DO NOT call around and say 'how much is an automobile!'  No Sir! You first figure out... I don't need just any Automobile, I need a Truck.  My particular company needs it to be 3/4 ton with a long-bed as we carry a lot of weight. I will need a Trailer Hitch with a very Heavy Towing capacity.  I will need Air Conditioning... I live in the South... Oh an Tinted Windows.  I need extended wide-view side mirrors because I will be hauling Trailers.  I'm often in rural, rough and wet conditions, so I would like it to be 4 Wheel Drive.  The size trailer I tow will be large, so I'd like to have an HD Transmission for towing, and possibly a larger engine or maybe diesel.  OH! one more thing, I will need it to also carry my crew to the job, so it needs to be like a King Cab 4 doors with Bench Seating.
..Now, with you Needs list, you contact Dealers to see what ballpark they can get in, while reaching your desires.

So, would it make sense to not know what the business needs in an automobile, and spend the day getting quotes?
Absolutely not. The Dealer will just throw numbers, that can not be adhered to and you will have an expectation of prices, and your bubble will be popped when you get down to your needs.

Now, MLM Software runs nearly every aspect of your business.
   1.) Build a thorough and complete list of expectations of use, features, functions, compensation ideas, etc
   2.) Provide a full and written list to MLM Software Vendors
   3.) Receive Quote, THEN compare carefully

For a few moments, I will share some key items, that are extremely important, when getting to the point of comparing verified quotes and system features.

Your Data MUST belong to YOU!

Providing there are no outstanding bills which you owe your MLM Software provider, you should have the right to receive your Customer / Members / Sales / Product / Commission records. It is YOURS!
Now, that does not necessarily mean that you should get server access. In fact, server access could expose the MLM Software and database to accidental or intentional actions that disrupt or destroy the usability or access to the site, software and data.  Most MLM Software providers will be very protective in regards of such access, desiring to protect the integrity and ongoing usability, as well as their own source code.

Takeaway: Be sure, Ask what rights and access you will be granted, regarding your Data.

Public Shopping!

MLM Software systems should be integrated with, or have, public shopping capability. Orders should be trackable to a Distributor and their position within a Genealogy.
Some MLM Software providers may have a limited shopping and product management functionality, while others may have an extensive shopping and product management functionality.  Be sure to explore and understand the differences in this area, as it will effect your Customer's interaction and purchasing.

MLM Back Offices!

Distributor Back Office, Stylist Back Office, Consultant Back Office, MLM Back Office... a Back Office Area should exist, that can provide reports of sales, members, and earnings, as well as genealogy views and an area to access corporate training resources... this at a minimum.  Be sure to compare the features and functions of back offices from each of the MLM Software systems you are considering.  In fact, your Distributors will see, very quickly, if you bought MLM Software on-the-cheap!


MLM Software should provide an administrative interface, that will permit you to manage products, sales, page content, customers, distributors and commission calculations.  Advanced systems may also provide abilities to create and manage blogs, discount codes, gift  cards, email newsletters, ewallets and flash sales.
Again, knowing what is important, for your business, should be defined BEFORE asking about price, as you will probably limit yourself to a system that has little or no features, crippling your company.

Compensation Plan!

Compensation Plans set the mood and atmosphere of your Distributors. It establishes their Motive or Lack Thereof!  Some say it should be strategically complicated, and the Distributors should not be able to understand it. Others say it should be very easy to understand.  I can tell you the MOST important factor, regarding Understanding, is that YOU, the Company Owner... that YOU Understand IT and the opposing compensation plans which you did not choose to use, that you may be able to explain your compensation plan and why you chose or did not choose certain features or bonuses or methods a particular Distributor is questioning you on.  You NEED an education on all compensation plans, then a full and complete understanding of the compensation plan you are operating with.

The MLM Software should provide compensation plan configurations that promote 'no product purchase required,' 'commissions on true commissionable products only,' and 'rank advancement and earnings are based on sales volume, not on recruiting or a single personal purchase.'  There are many rules of legal and best practices, that can shut down a company.  Some MLM Software systems are designed for Ponzi Schemes.... AVOID!

Accuracy in calculations will be fundamental to keeping and encouraging Distributors, as they market your company's products.  It needs to be profitable for you, beneficial for them, and more importantly... accurate!

Inspetta's core platform is called DB44, and on it we have Full Enterprise Systems down to Smart Start versions.

For assistance in Designing a Compensation Plan, developing a System Specification, Developing your MLM Software Platform or Party Plan System, or Services to conduct Channel Marketing... call us 1-888-221-0106

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