Fast Changes in the MLM and Direct Selling World

Fast Changes in the MLM and Direct Selling World
Monday, August 20, 2018

This post will be a mixture of changes that have been rapidly occurring, as well as my forecast, which may surprise you.
With the powerful economy of the United States, MLM and Direct Selling companies are seeing astonishing growth.  Literally, MEGA Growth.  When the economy was tough, entrepreneurs toughed it out, dreaming, launching and scraping it out to build.  Then, the economy got better and the numbers of Distributors/Consultants have jumped... dramatically, along with sales!

Additionally, we are now seeing over 60% mobile MLM Software usage of client sites, some clients striking over 70% of our MLM Software Users are on Mobile Devices!  That is an incredible shifft.  Literally, MLM Software built around desktop users is becoming unimportant.  A plus for Admins to use a desktop, but the vast majority of users are conducting business by Mobile divice.
MLM Software for MLM and Direct Selling Companies MUST be agile to these changes, in order to provide systems and platforms which empower companies to Launch, Expand and Thrive in today's dynamic market place.

I believe, that we are about to see one of the largest explosions of MLM and Direct Selling, EVER in History.
Unfortunately, the DSA and other groups which attempt to gather data from companies, to share trends of sales volumes, is often a year or 2 behind.

What I am about to tell you, is happening now, and into the next 24 months. Of course, war or some major event could change things, bur we are on a growth explosion, like none other.  In fact, I believe, we are going to see a MEGA MLM or MEGA Direct Selling Company, like none other.  When Google and Apple hit levels in the Billions, everyone was surprised.  That Mega Stardom that no one could explain nor argue with. Tha sort of MEGA Company is about to occur.  One, or maybe two, which will be so many miles ahead of others others, that you will compare it with Apple and Google, oh, and Amazon, to the rest of IT, Hosting, Tech and Online Sellers.

Who will it be? I have my eye on a couple companies, but will keep it clsoe to my chest.
That said, the atmosphere for MLM and Direct Selling Companies is RICH!  If you haven't already started your company, and were thinking about it... move fast.

MLM Software by Inspetta Powers some of the largest companies.

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