Selling Your Member Data

Selling Your Member Data

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Selling Your Member Data

A Dangerous Title and Topic

Thursday, April 3, 2019

One of 3 things occur:
1. Your company is flat-lined, not growing, and you hear about other ways to generate revenue from your Customers and Distributors/Consultants.
2. Your field leadership or Distributors/Consultants are unfocused and bring an opportunity to you.
3. A LEACH has brought an opportunity to you... that is another Biz/Program/Tool, etc.

Ok, so what am I talking about? This situation can come about, in many forms.

Your Selling Member Info
You may have a Genealogy of Members... over 50k people, maybe over 2 million customers... and your sales are flat.
..And, maybe someone suggest you could sell the list to someone that see's the value in the list...

*You should have a Privacy Statement, that indicates we Value your Privacy and do NOT Share or Sell your Data.
...Do you see the issue?

Now, let's take another scenario, that we see occur... the TOOL
A company has developed an APP, that if your Distributors/Consultants use, is an incredible tool.
..They ask their downline to download the APP, and they ask their Customers to download the APP.
..The Distributor/Consultant then is able to push-notifications to the downline and customers...
.....Sounds GREAT!
..They also offer to API into your software, to get the records, even sales records, and provide some tool to see current and past sales.
......Sounds REALLY Great!

Question: What just occurred?
A Company, that could not otherwise generate customers and business, has LEECHED onto your existing company.
...Now, your Distributors/Consultants and Customers are all customers to that company, by way of the Distributors/Consultants and Customers use or payment to use app.
.....We won't mention, if the APP is free, then they are also going an added step of selling the data to others.

What is the issue? In that scenario, the 'Tool' scenario, another company is LEECHING revenue from your member base.
..If the APP or tool, is attractive to you, ask your MLM Software provider if the same reports can be generated from your system, and ask then to build you an APP with push notifications... you will pay for it, but now your member revenue is concentrated in your business, not LEECHED to others!

Another scenario, is the VALUE ADDED PRODUCT
A company offers your members, something, let's say a Gift Card for $5 that they can buy... $5 each, and spend at any Restaurant they like.
..A Tool... hand out to Customers, as promotion, or as a loss-leader, or as a conversation starter.
..Buy them for $5 each, give them away, they will get you a $30 discount at any restaurant... etc.
..Each time someone issues, there is a small revenue to the company, and you can share with your Distributors/Consultants.

Or, a Discount RX Card... print as many as you like and give away for free.
..Each time someone issues, there is a small revenue to the company, and you can share with your Distributors/Consultants.
This sounds innocent... sounds like an Awesome Tool!
Question: What just occurred?
You have just sanctioned Split-Focus of your Sales Reps. Now, the LEECH company, selling Gift Cards... that otherwise failed to sell and sustain themselves..
..Has presented themselves to you, your field leaders, etc.
..An Awesome Tool is at hand!!

Now, members split their spend with the company, to buy Gift Cards... you earn a couple pennies on.
..Now the Sales Force is talking about how to join and build with this awesome value added product...
..Verses people joining and building with the incredible brand you have built.

My Point
Third party Apps, Tools, Value added Products can be intriguing, and perhaps beneficial, however they are most beneficial to companies that have already grown very Large, have diluted their brand into thousands of products, and don't know what to do next.
They, have basically, sold out their membership data, to participate in another program...
..Splitting their focus, from your Company, Brand, Products, etc.

Stay Smart!

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Selling Your Member Data


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