US Economy and Jobs ROAR!

US Economy and Jobs ROAR!
Friday, May 3, 2019

US Economy and Jobs ROAR!

Unemployment lowest since 1969, jobs added for 103 straight months, unemployment rate falls to 3.6%, 263k jobs created in April

Friday, May 3, 2019

When this news began to drop, so did jaws! The US has become a political fire-keg and the media has amplified the division beyond belief! Yet, we move forward.. no, we charge forward... no we ROAR Forward!

As a Consultant to the MLM and Direct Selling Industry for over 25yrs, and as the supplier of the most dependable and scalable MLM Software available, we find our selves keenly aware of the countries economy and politics which seem to run in extreme fluctation.

Many years ago, there was a study which indicated an estimated 1500 NEW MLM/Direct Selling Company Start-Ups occur every month.  This statement has been re-quoted for years, yet there has been little evidence of updated research data which would give us a clear metric to watch.

Yet, we do believe, that estimate to be very solid.
What is the importance of that statement, and what is the correlation to the Economy?
Keep reading, you will get it.

For many years, I kept a paper log of folks that called in to ask about MLM Software or Consulting for New Start-Ups. Some added markers of product/service type, and desire of compensation plan type. An interesting chart to examine. And, we are not the only provider, so we don't get all the calls.  Then, there are some that call no one and get no MLM Software, as they are promoting a scam.  All-in-all, we believe the estimate of 1500/month New Start-ups to be a fair number, which has some fluctuation from month to month, and year to year.

We have also watched the economy grow and drop, grow and drop. The impact on the Economy and Jobs HAS played a direct role in the MLM and Direct Selling Industry.

An MLM/Direct Selling Start-up has many data-points of interest...
 - Owners, Entrepreneurs with good capital or none, with great resources of product ideas or despiration due to their own family struggling. You see a Good Economy could mean more Entrepreneurs because there is More Capital moving around... It may also be said that a bad Economy causes those going through extreme hadship to Stand Up and Step Out into a new Business Venture.  It's interesting, the types of owners, which launch during various times of economic conditions.

 - Distributors/Conultants, the Sales Force. Here it is a bit different and more extreme.  Desparate and hard times see extreme growth in Distributor/Consultant Sales Forces, often with a larger percentage working their MLM/Direct Selling Business as if Full Time.  When there is a Great Economy and strong jobs, there is a period of a dip in volumes of Distributors/Consultants, as job opportunities and benefits obviously draw their time. Then as the Economy continues to grow, the dip changes, for reasons a bit stranger to some, yet familiar to us... folks working for "the man" (an employer), begin to desire their shackles to be cast off, as their more stable family economic condition allows many to consider the freedom of leveraging time through the MLM/Direct Selling Industry.

 - Manufacturers walk a delicate line. They have physical overhead of a facility, employes, equipment, materials, supplies. Ramping up and down their work-force and facility does not happen overnight, very easily... so as spikes in MLM/Direct Selling companies purchasing occur, the tug of war within a product supply chain occurs, and at certain moments, opportunities to reduce cost are revealed.

 - MLM Software - Required to operate an MLM/Direct Selling company. We find swings in purchasing, as well as the financial condition of those coming to the table, will enable or inhibit making solid decisions on the features, functions compensation models needed for the company.  One day, we could see a solidly funded company, with solid expectations... then another day, we could see mom and pop's on a very limited budget, dreaming to take on the world, and wanting you to cut out features and functions to meet their budget, sacrificing what the end user will receive.  That is a challenge, as we like to see companies provide solid systems to their sales force, and be enabled to have every opportunity to succeed.

The headlines today...
 - Unemployment rate falls to the lowest since 1969
 - Added jobs for 103 straight months
 - Unemployment rate falls to 3.6%
 - US Creates 263k jobs in April
 - Unemployment rate at a new 50-year Low!

We are seeing strong indication of new start-ups, supported by good financial condition and a sales force growth emerging.
In the MLM and Direct Selling Industry, the year seemed to be in a bit of a lag, continuing from the Fall of 2018, but we are seeing a swing and appears that 2019 is going to be an incredible year for companies that position themselves now!

Keep in mind, that through the year, there are up's and down's in monthly sales cycles, normally down during July through September, however Recruiting may very well run strong in the positive direction.

If you have thought about launching your own company... it may be time to pull the trigger!
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US Economy and Jobs ROAR!


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