A Large Part of The Internet was OUT! Why? How?

A Large Part of The Internet was OUT! Why? How?
Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Monday, A Large Part of The Internet was OUT! Why? How?

Some worry about Iran, some North Korea... but could it be, the Internet is more Fragile then we are aware?

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

First, a Shout Out to CloudFlare. These guys were the only ones, that we saw, that were publically admitting an Internet Outage Event was occurring, IP/Location of Issue could be identified, and that it was being addressed.  Further, professionally, they did not reveal where the issue was or the company responsible for it, while the event was being litigated...

Who was out?
​In fact, on last Tuesday, Big Players, like Google Calendar went dark for HOURS!.. Then a couple days later, Netflix, Hulu and Xbox Live faced issues.  On Monday, June 24, 2019 the North East United States was DARK!!! Well, Almost! It was serious and Wide-Spread.  The issue seemed to mostly effect Verizon users, as well as thousands of websites CloudFlare services... hence CloudFlare was identified the issue, faster than anyone!

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What was it..who was it?
​Few are aware, that the interent is.. an entangled network of connected wires, pipes, relays, cards, companies, servers... In simple, just one view of the internet's complexity, would be to learn of Hops. That is the number of servers a user connects through, to reach a given website.  Someone on the west coast, may connect through 6 to 10 Hops(servers) as it loads a page in an East Coast Datacenter.  International users may connect through 30!  That is a revealing view.. explains why some have slow experiences on a website.. but it also states, that the internet is made up of lot's of connections... servers, lines, wires, switches, firewalls, routers.
The cause was found at a small company in Pennsylvania. (One should pause at the term Small Company, when realizing they form part of the Internet, and can cause such an outage!).
..Basically, a Routing Map (BGP), that directs routes to access, load, pass data.. was disrupted by a routing signal sent out by DQE Communicatioons, as small service provider, that services about 2k buildings in Pittsburg.
..An Odd sort of source and cause!

Yes, it was not your website! Clients that could not shop or register or do fun stuff on the web, was not from your site being down, but from a major network routing event, by a small party, within the Verizon camp.

Many believe, this sort of issue should occur more often, as the internet is truly a very fragile network. Yet, we depend on it, as if it's guaranteed to work 100% of the time.  It would be a shame, if we ever truly see a serious international hacking event or EMP disruption!

Last week, I read an article, of a company that was under a hacker's threat, where their servers were hijacked unless they paid a ransom.
The company reverted to paper documents, memos, communications, with customers and inner office.
??Question: Are you prepared to make such a shift?

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A Large Part of The Internet was OUT! Why? How?


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