CloudFlare Outage takes down the Web... THIS MORNING!

CloudFlare Outage takes down the Web... THIS MORNING!
Tuesday, July 2, 2019

CloudFlare Outage takes down the Web... THIS MORNING!

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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

We don't normally write sooo much, about internet outages, but lately, we've seen some major events.

Clients suffer when a site goes down, and it can be from an uploaded code or bug... it can be the operating system, or failed reboots after OS updates... it can be from hardware failure on a client server... it can be from rack, network cards, or routing hardware within a hosting center going bad... it can be from the many channels of upstream connection to the www which a datacenter connects through... it can be from any number of network paths and servers which made up the interconnected internet a user traverses to load a page... it can be from companies like Google, Facebook, Sendgrid or others, which provide connectivity services, routing services, login services, or widget plugin services which aid in rendering or using a website... and there are more!

Yes, it can be your site and your server. Always start there, to litigate and address, if it is, your own site and server... then work outward.  Along the way, rule out your own internet connection, wifi and router, in case your ISP or local hardward is causing you to have an issue, while your site is actually fine.

Today, this site, was down!!!! NOOOOO!
Client sites... All OK!

As it turns out, we used CloudFlare, in the routing of our DNS so deliver a faster site, for ourselves.
CloudFlare has dome drawbacks, when providing server-side site replication, so is not always a good fit for out clients, only one of our own sites was down.

Investigating - Cloudflare is observing network performance issues. Customers may be experiencing 502 errors while accessing sites on Cloudflare.
We are working to mitigate impact to Internet users in this region. 
Jul 213:52 UTC

It appears, they have the issue resolved, but Be Aware!... Solutions during an event may not be perfect, and often require monitoring and adjustment.
Currently, their status provides this...

Monitoring - Cloudflare has implemented a fix for this issue and is currently monitoring the results. 
We will update the status once the issue is resolved. 
Jul 214:15 UTC

And, as I paste that, another notice is put out...
Investigating - Cloudflare Analytics processing is running behind. This affects timely delivery of customer data.
We are working to mitigate impact. 
Jul 214:45 UTC

What is important, is that service providers, data centers, hosting companies... are responsive and address events, as swiftly as possible.
It's not always easy, and sometimes takes a long time... even a full day!!!!

I suppose, the real reason I am releasing more blog posts on this subject, then before, is that I am also watching, carefully, for the impact of malicious events from other countries or organizations.  With the current political environment, and those that wish us harm... it seems that a major event is eminent.  The question will be... how many are effected and how quickly we can all litigate it.

Wishing you a happy Browsing Day!


Inspetta will attempt to post timely info, as above, as we receive.
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CloudFlare Outage takes down the Web... THIS MORNING!


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