The 2020 Side-Hustle is Underway

The 2020 Side-Hustle is Underway

Monday, August 12, 2019

The 2020 Side-Hustle is Underway

Folks are positioning themselves, NOW, to blow 2020 out of the water!

The year 2019 will be coming to a close, with 2020 ushering major changes in lifestyle and business.
The Side-Hustle is quickly becoming a necessity, for those seeking to break out of the 9 to 5 rut and achieve independence.
What is a Side-Hustle", well, it's that thing that you may do, to make some cash on the side, and if you dig in enough, fire your boss!
..Some run a Side-Hustle for extra change.. Others dig in and build residual income from it.
..So, what is it.. some real world examples, please!

Sure! Are you one of those guys or gals that set up an Amazon or Shopify Store with Drop Shipping?
Perhaps an eBay Business. Maybe you took your second home and shifted to AirBNB or started driving for Uber or Lyft!
..Those are Side-Hustles, but, there are more! UberEATS, Door Dash, Turo and the list goes on!

Yes, MLM/Network Marketing/Home Parties... Side-Hustle!

Not everyone is meant for Uber, not everyone is meant for MLM. 
However, with the diverseness of people today, coupled with the diverse Side-Hustle Opportunities have proven one thing... either your IN a Side-Hustle or you are in a 9 to 5 Rut!

We are going to focus on MLM/Network Marketing/Home Party businesses for a bit here.
You see, they got a bad rap over the years, however, if you open your eyes, all the other Side-Hustles mentioned share a great deal of similarity.
They basically reduce the chain from Corp to consumer, allowing for better margins, and allow you to play-ball with the consumers, earning some form of income or benefit.

Is Uber and MLM? No, no more than General Motors or the US Government. Wait... if you look closely, they all are!
A structure of participants in the business, where revenue from consumers pays salaries or benefits to a hierarchy of supervisors...
Pick a company with a solid product, that is in-demand... one that has good margins and can deliver the product to consumers quickly and efficiently.
..Then consider if the offering for you to participate and earn revenue/commission or benefit is worth your while.

With MLM/Direct Selling/Network Marketing/Home Based Party Plan Companies...
..There is the Added Benefit! Not only can you pump sales and potentially earn a benefit..
..But you can refer other folks and earn a portion of their sales as well!
....Does Uber allow that? Not sure, if they did, I would refer a whole bunch of friends, as drivers!

Still, your best income potential is from YOU marketing the company's products to consumers.

2019 has been the year, that folks have gotten back into the Side-Hustle.
2020 will be the year folks recognize it, and pour their energy into it, like never before!
Everyone wants to write their own hours, save money, prepare a retirement.
You can do it through a Job, OR a Job + a Side-Hustle!

A smaller percentage will say... "Hey, a Side-Hustle is great, but I believe the real money to be made is at the top.... the Company Owners!"
That may be true. If you are the 1%er, ready to step out and Create a Side-Hustle Business, that others sell and recruit folks into, then you need to give us a call.
We establish the MLM Software Platforms for MLM, Direct Selling, Network Marketing and Party Plan businesses.
We help build attractive and compelling Compensation Plans and Business Models that FUEL a Side-Hustle!

Give us a call to discuss how the DB44

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The 2020 Side-Hustle is Underway


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