Congress COVID 19 Relief Motivated Start MLMs

Congress COVID 19 Relief Motivated Start MLMs
Friday, February 26, 2021

Congress passes COVID Relieve Bill, Entrepreneurs Don't Wait, Their Building an MLM Empire!

Senators from both sides have mostly come together, to pass the next round of COVID relief. Some will argue over the contents, is it enough... is it too much... what's buried in it?...

While great American Entrepreneurs see an incredible opportunity of pent up demand, coupled with an enormous population that truly doesn't want to go back into an office to work for 'The Man!'.

While the House expects to approve a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package, there is ongoing consideration over buried elements, such as minimum wage hikes.

Now, do you sit back and wait for the Gov to provide for your family? Do you hang on the edge of your seat, watching the news and political infighting?  Or, do you pull up your bootstraps and launch your own business, right NOW, while others are sitting at the trough?

If you have a line on a product, with great value, that can truly change people's lives, while providing sufficient profits, that you can provide some benefit/commission to folks that would refer sales to you.... THEN, you can leverage a referral, network, social influencer, affiliate, multi-level operation of promoting your products and services, and CATIPULT yourself as an MLM HERO!

Besides a great product, and a few loyal customers, you will need the backbone of Successful MLM Companies. MLM Software.

Our MLM Software is the public website and ecommerce shopping platform, fully replicated for subdomains of sales reps and tracking of sales... An Administration area is central to eh MLM Software, providing management of inventory, marketing tools, manage customers and distributors, blog, configure mlm compensation plan, run the commission calculation engine, mlm ewallets and provide training resources in the MLM Back Offices.

So, will you depend on the Gov or take control of your Future?

If you're ready to get started, or to transfer from a failing MLM Software platform, call us. 619-770-7107



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