Swift Kardashian Trump COVID MLM Software

Swift Kardashian Trump COVID MLM Software
Sunday, February 28, 2021

Swift, Kardashian, Trump, COVID and MLM Software!

Taylor Swift finishes her Fearless Album, cancels her Lover Fest Tour and counter sues in a them park lawsuit.
Kim Kardashian files for divorce from Kanye West after 6 years of marriage.

Coronavirus Vaccines are going out, and the CDC advisory panel has just approved and recommending Johnson & Johnson's one-shot vaccine for those 18yrs and over.

Energy Industry is still roiling over the network failures in Texas, during an unprecedented winter storm.

Politics is far from uniting... Bill Cassidy warns of idolizing Trump.

Trump is scheduled to speak at CPAC, adjourned with a Golden

Trump Statue and a Magic Wand!

Congress is trying to get some checks out to citizens, as another round of COVID Relief..


a. Many Small Businesses are struggling or have gone out of business
b. Many people are questioning their long-term prospects of employment, or the ability to locate a job at all!

In comes MLM Companies, offering people the opportunity to market a product their totally thrilled with, build an income from Customer Sales and a Sales Team to reach more Customers than you can reach on your own.

These companies rely on a solid MLM Software Platform to sell, track, manage, calculate, report, market and more...

So, many people are turning to existing MLM Companies, having solid products and an attractive compensation plan.

Others, the one-percenters, aren't satisfied by representing products for another company, but rather launch their.

The One-Percenters are Movers and Shakers. They are either Influencers or they know how to Leverage Influencers. They are either Social Media Icons or know how to Leverage Social Media.

Finally, they have a product, all the marketing prowess you could ask for, but, short of MLM Software, they are missing what is needed to tie it together into an operational and scalable business.

In comes MLM Software!

If you have a line on a product, with great value, that can truly change people's lives, while providing sufficient profits, that you can provide some benefit/commission to folks that would refer sales to you.... THEN, you can leverage a referral, network, social influencer, affiliate, multi-level operation of promoting your products and services, and CATIPULT yourself as an MLM HERO!

Besides a great product, and a few loyal customers, you will need the backbone of Successful MLM Companies. MLM Software.

Our MLM Software is the public website and ecommerce shopping platform, fully replicated for subdomains of sales reps and tracking of sales... An Administration area is central to eh MLM Software, providing management of inventory, marketing tools, manage customers and distributors, blog, configure mlm compensation plan, run the commission calculation engine, mlm ewallets and provide training resources in the MLM Back Offices.

So, will you depend on the Gov or take control of your Future?

If you're ready to get started, or to transfer from a failing MLM Software platform, call us. 619-770-7107

Email info@inspetta.com


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