2018 August

Labor Day Sale through MLM Software for MLM, Direct Selling and Party Plan
Types of Promotions Promo Codes Very simply, create a Discount Code that requires the user to Enter a Promo Code, like 20LaborDay for 20% off.  Go to your graphics department, or ask us for help, to develop a nice graphic/sales flyer. Next, create an Email Blast to your Customer and Distributor/Consultant base and encourage them to share with their Customer and Distributor Prospects.  Serious Distributors or Consultants will immediately leverage this opportunity, to secure their first Customer or New Customer, etc, while promoting your company's brand! (By the way,... Read More >>
Labor Day Sale through MLM Software for MLM, Direct Selling and Party Plan
Friday, August 31, 2018 Scott Leonard
Fast Changes in the MLM and Direct Selling World
This post will be a mixture of changes that have been rapidly occurring, as well as my forecast, which may surprise you. With the powerful economy of the United States, MLM and Direct Selling companies are seeing astonishing growth.  Literally, MEGA Growth.  When the economy was tough, entrepreneurs toughed it out, dreaming, launching and scraping it out to build.  Then, the economy got better and the numbers of Distributors/Consultants have jumped... dramatically, along with sales! Additionally, we are now seeing over 60% mobile MLM Software usage of client sites, some... Read More >>
Monday, August 20, 2018 Scott Leonard

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