2021 February

Swift Kardashian Trump COVID MLM Software
Swift, Kardashian, Trump, COVID and MLM Software! Taylor Swift finishes her Fearless Album, cancels her Lover Fest Tour and counter sues in a them park lawsuit.Kim Kardashian files for divorce from Kanye West after 6 years of marriage.Coronavirus Vaccines are going out, and the CDC advisory panel has just approved and recommending Johnson & Johnson's one-shot vaccine for those 18yrs and over.Energy...
Sunday, February 28, 2021 Corp Administration
Congress COVID 19 Relief Motivated Start MLMs
Congress passes COVID Relieve Bill, Entrepreneurs Don't Wait, Their Building an MLM Empire! Senators from both sides have mostly come together, to pass the next round of COVID relief. Some will argue over the contents, is it enough... is it too much... what's buried in it?...While great American Entrepreneurs see an incredible opportunity of pent up demand, coupled with an enormous population that truly...
Friday, February 26, 2021 Corp Administration
Biden Looks at Product Supply Chain Issues, MLM Software to the Rescue
Product Supply Chain FRACTURED, Biden now Focuses, MLM Companies SURGE Ahead! This is an interesting, and dangerous item. For others to know that your products have a supply chain issue or raw ingredient supply issue... well it means others can take your biz down.  In recent months, discussion over supply chain impact on military jets to consumer computers... the impact is massive. Further that with a...
Wednesday, February 24, 2021 Corp Administration
MLM Software could solve Federal Reserve Crisis!!
Federal Reserve Network Crashes, MLM Software could Save it! Ok that may be a brash statement, but let me explain what just happened!The Federal Reserve's own network, it's own system, that allows banks to send money back and forth is down! "Our technical teams have determined that the cause is a Federal Reserve operational error. We will provide updates via service status as more information becomes...
Wednesday, February 24, 2021 Corp Administration
Business Opportunity - Time to LAUNCH!
Business Opportunity - Time to LAUNCH! As a Consultant and Services Provider to Entrepreneurs, Small Business and Enterprise-Level Companies, we are now seeing the culmination of the Perfect Storm! We could look at the World, but there is more than enough to focus on, looking at the USA. Economic Conditions have created PENT UP DEMAND Types of Business Opportunities...
Thursday, February 4, 2021 Corp Administration
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