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MLM Software Integrations

There are a lot of third-party applicatioons that can enhance an MLM or Direct Selling Company's ability to thrive. Some are clearly necessary, while others could provide a USP (Unique Sellign Proposition).


Merchant Processing - To conduct business online, you need to be able to receive payment for products/services.  There are several types of companies, that could provide for receiving payments: Third-Party eWallets, Hyper eWallets(PayPal), Credit Card Merchant Processors, Crypto Currency.  We have API integrations with each of these.
That said, if you have never run an online business, you will probably fall for some 'Gotcha's in this area. In fact, all of them have 'Gotchas,' but true Credit Card Merchant Processors are where you should focus.  While we have integrations to various payment methods, using a true Credit Card Merchant Processor lends to your credibility, satisfies the widest population of purchasers and is extensively integrated.  Call us to discuss your desires or questions 1-888-221-0106.

Shipping - We offer API integrations for many Shippers/Services. Finding the Shipping Service or method that is right for you may take time.  Live Rates from a Shipper or Tier Rates based on how much is in the cart, or weight, or some other metric?  You handle shipping from your own Garage, Warehouse, or use a Third-Party Warehouse and Fulfillemnt center... having their own API.  We can help in each of these areas, or as you grow through each phase.

Sales Tax - This is a complicated topic.  System Databases allow you to enter and maintain your own determined tax rates by zip code... but, that is'nt always enough. Keeping up with rates to a given zip code takes tome. To that end, an API to a Sales Tax rate provider by Zip code would be the next opportunity.  For some companies, they are selling to a variety of locations, where a zip code falls BOTH inside and outside a particular municipality, with additional sales tax.  Roof top calculations become important, and require API access and integration to a third-party service. You will find that particilar products within an invoice may be taxed differently in each area as well.  For this reason, roof-top calculations and a dependable third-party provider are essential.  As you can see, it becomes very complicated, very fast.

Potential USPs

Social Platforms - API's allow access for various uses within Social Media Platforms.  Be aware of 'Gotchas,' changing API's, changing platform Policies, etc.

Mobile APPs - Step into Mobile Apps, develop your own, or contract us to develop one.  Keep in mind that APP technology and mobile devices continue to evolve, so factor that into any Mobile APP plan.  We've done a lot of APPs, including a POS for tablets? Oh... and why not make the whole site Mobile Accessible?

Custom APIs - Yes, we get creative requests all the time.  Providing API access to post or retrieve data from our system, or to tightly integrate a new service... it's all possible with Inspetta.

Call 1-888-221-0106 for more information. MLM Software by Inspetta runs many successful MLM Companies, offering their Customers and Distributors a solid and dependable platform to conduct business. 

MLM Software Features

Features of MLM Software may vary, based on the Version or your Budget. That said, if your budget dictates your decisions, you could handicap your business. Common MLM Platform features to consider include Public eCommerce Integration, Product Commissionable Values, Public Content Management, Distributor Corporate Resource or Training Area Management, Reports, Newsletters, Order Management, Autoships, Distributor and Customer Management, Genealogies, Commission Calculations, Payment Gateways and Inventory Management.

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