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โœ” Configure

Request your Software and Configure for your Business Model.

โœ” Launch

Announce the Launch your Company and Register Distributors.

โœ” Do Business

Train Members, Conduct Sales and Calculate Commissions

FULL or Start-Up? and Which Version?

If you are an Existing Company, you know already... your Admins and your Sales Reps have expecatations of features, possibly Custom features. If you are a Start-Up, you may with to start with a Smart Start platform, but might consider a FULL Enterprise if it can be made affordable via Financing. The first thing you can do is put your Wallet Away!

Yes, the First thing you should do is Put your Wallet Away!

Figure out your Needs, THEN determine price and your affordability!

You can shop for a Car, based on your Budget... no issue, if it is personal and is what you need.

But, if you define your need is to use the car to put People in the Back Seats, tell them how to be Successful and Carry a Load of cargo... well, you probably won't pick the right car if you started with a Budget. I fact, you will probably select a car, by your budget, that Sales Reps will question your ability to Lead Then to Success... Not to mention, it probably won't be able to carry the Cargo you engage in transporting.

My Budget is a $5k Car...

"Come On and Join Me, I am Successful and Will show You How To Be Successful TOO! Jump in My Back Seat, As Many As can Fit!..."

("Hey Guys, we're crowded in this back seat, this guy tells us he is successful and will teach us... why doesn't this car look, feel, fit like this guy is successful?")

My Budget is a $500 Car...

"Come On and Join Me, I am Successful and Will show You How To Be Successful TOO! Jump in My Back Seat, As Many As can Fit!..."

("Uhh... Hey Guys, isn't this a 1974 Pinto? And is those the stripes in the road passing under my feet?")

Put your Wallet Away! Start with Demos and Defining Your Needs. Then, Define and Document your Compensation Plan, as it is a Major Part of your Needs and Software System.... Then, talk about Price!

We would rather have you in the right Vehicle, and look at a possibility of financing, then to have you get into the wrong vehicle!

Financing May Be Possible

Companies with FEIN, selling Real Product, could qualify for 0% Financing, with as little as 25% down, on Professional or Enterprise DB44 MLM Software Systems. Our Professional and Enterprise DB44 Software Systems are perfect for Real Companies, selling Real Products, to Real Consumers through an MLM, Multi Level, Single Level, Direct Selling or Party Plan model. Actual cost of System Configuration and Modification depends on your specific requirements, but this program could enable you to get started in a Real System, not a stripped down starter system. Best of all, save your cash!

Updated May 15, 2018

Enterprise Software Versions(FULL)




*Advanced Features or Programming Allowances Vary

System Standard Terms

a.) 50% Down 50% in 30 Days from Down Payment
b.) Your Design Implemented
c.) You Bill Members Monthly for BO, as desired
d.) Required Ongoing Hosting/Support $1500/mo,
starting on 60th Day from Down Payment
e.) Required Ongoing Per Member Fees,
$1.25/Per Mem/Month over 500 Mem in each month

Key Takeaways: Full System Paid, Design Implemented, You bill Members Monthly for BO as desired, 50% down, 50% in 30 Days, $1500/mo Base Host/Support, $1.25per Mem/Mo over 500each month

*All systems require: Wildcard SSL, Email Relay, Merchant Processor, ability to Communicate a Configurable Compensation Model, ability to Manage Your Business

System Minimal Terms

a.) We Bill Member Monthly for BO $9.95 to $19.95, Revshare as follows:
  i.) 30% Down, RevShare 30% applies to Principal Balance, Required Ongoing $399/mo Host/Support
  ii.) 40% Down, RevShare 40% applies to Principal Balance, Required Ongoing $499/mo Host/Support
  iii.) 50% Down, RevShare 50% applies to Principal Balance,Required Ongoing $500/mo Host/Support
b.) No additional Per Member Fees
c.) Anticipate Principal Balance is Paid over Time via RevShare, then RevShare to you

RevShare: A % of an Adjusted Subscription, we refer to as Net Subscriptions. This after consideration of fees, charges, charge backs and administration. (e.g. $9.95/mo member fee could be represented as $8.25 Net Subscriptions, which the RevShare % is applied against. Actual Adjustment determined per client, based on fees and administrative burden and may adjust monthly based on charge-back activities of the members of the client)



Smart Start Versions(Start-Up)




*Advanced Features or Programming Allowances Vary

Smart Start General Terms

- Template System Design
- You Provide Compensation Plan which is Configurable within the System
- We Bill Member Monthly for BO $14.95 to $19.95, Revshare 0%
- Available Financing at 0% Interest, Balance paid in Monthly Installments
- Required Ongoing Hosting/Support $399/mo, starting on 60th Day from Down Payment

*All systems require: Wildcard SSL, Email Relay, Merchant Processor, ability to Communicate a Configurable Compensation Model, ability to Manage Your Business

On a Small Budget?

Willing to allow Us to bill
for Member Back Office Suites?

Easy & Affordable Financing
On FULL MLM Software

โœ” 0% Interest
โœ” Little As 25% Down
โœ” Low As $399/mo Hosting/Support

View Deep Features List

Quick Overview of Optional Features

True Replicated Sites

  • Personalized URL
  • Personalized Header
  • My Parties Home Page
  • My Upcoming Parties
  • Public Profile
  • Replicated Corp ecommerce
  • Replicated Corp Content
  • Replicated Corp Blog
  • Personal Customer Registrations
  • Guest Checkout
  • Realtime Customer Tracking
  • Realtime Order Tracking
  • Personal Distributor Joining
  • Realtime Distributor Tracking
  • Realtime Order Tracking
  • Replicated Contact Form

Member Back Office Suites

  • Realtime Sales Stats
  • Private Shopping
  • Manage Personal Customer
  • Manage Personal Distributors
  • Genealogy List View
  • Genealogy Graphical Downline
  • Genealogy Graphical Radial View
  • Home Party Manager
  • Sales Report
  • Downline Rank Report
  • Downline Levels Sales Report
  • Party Reports
  • Commission Earnings Report
  • Profile Manager
  • Public Anonymizer
  • Profile Images
  • Personal eWallet
  • Personal Store Credit Wallet
  • Corporate Training Area
  • On Hand Order Placement

Party Plan Consultant Suites

  • Party Homepage URL
  • Party Homepage Editor
  • Party Creator
  • Party Dedicated URL
  • Party Page Editor
  • Host Manager
  • Attendee Invitations
  • Set Products For Party
  • Social Share Party Link
  • Party Manager
  • Place Party Orders
  • Place Party POS Orders
  • Place Party On Hand Orders
  • Bulk Ship to Host
  • Bulk Ship to Consultant
  • Direct Ship to Customer
  • Bulk Payment Checkout
  • Split Payments
  • Keep Retail Bonus
  • Place Host Rewards
  • Place Booking Rewards
  • Party Sales Reports
  • Split Payments Reports

Party Plan Admin Suite

  • Host Rewards Unlimited Tiers
  • Booking Rewards
  • Parties Manager
  • Party Orders
  • Pending Party Bulk Ship
  • Pending Party Closed Shipping
  • Party Page Templates
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MLM Software

MLM Software is a Global term, for systems that run MLM, Direct Selling and Party Plan Companies

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Key Features

Public Site, eCommerce, Replication, Commission Engine, Back Offices, Party Management

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Both internal and third party applications that are hand-picked to promote expansion & growth

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MLM Marketing

Built-In Marketing Tools for your Company and Distributors designed to Drive Sales & ROI!

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Comp Plans

MLM Compensation Plans establish the motivation and atmosphere if your Sales Team

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MLM Software, Comp Plans, Biz Plans, Marketing, Product R & D - Over 25yrs of Service

What truly set's our MLM Software apart?...
The extensive feature sets, integrated into high-performing and dependable platform, designed to SELL!

Launch in Less than 30 Days!

New Startup or Upgrade Current System

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