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Inspetta's MLM Software runs many successful MLM, Direct Selling and Party Plan Companies.  Those that choose MLM Software from Inspetta enjoy dedicated support, from the development period through live operational.  24hr emergency phone number is also provided to clients.

What truly set's our MLM Software apart?... the extensive feature sets, integrated into high-performing and dependable platform, designed to SELL!

True MLM Software, by Inspetta, is the Front-End, Administration and Member Back Offices. It is a complete system and suite of tools. MLM Software, Direct Selling Software and Party Plan Software run on the same tracking core with some individual specialties. Companies choose Inspetta for our reliability, accuracy and willingness to perform custom requests to make a company unique MLM Software, by Inspetta is the Front-End, Administrative Back-End, CRM, Commissioning System, True Subdomain Replication, Distributor Back Offices, Genealogies and Reports. In other words, you load up your products, details and content and focus on what you do best, market your company and it's products/services.

Our Enterprise MLM Software includes multiple internal eWallet Systems, complex compensation plan configurations, bulk editing tools, replicated blogs, image and video reviews, complex sub-sku attribute combinations with optional barcoding and bin locations, back office and virtual(public) dedicated party links, the largest configuration possibilities of host rewards, checkout upsells and more.

This site, MLM Software Central is a web-property of Inspetta LLC. Inspetta provides Software, Websites, Web-Based Portals and App Development for Traditional and MLM / Direct Selling companies. Call 1-888-221-0106 for more information. MLM Software by Inspetta runs many successful MLM Companies, offering their Customers and Distributors a solid and dependable platform to conduct business. 

MLM Software Features

Features of MLM Software may vary, based on the Version or your Budget. That said, if your budget dictates your decisions, you could handicap your business. Common MLM Platform features to consider include Public eCommerce Integration, Product Commissionable Values, Public Content Management, Distributor Corporate Resource or Training Area Management, Reports, Newsletters, Order Management, Autoships, Distributor and Customer Management, Genealogies, Commission Calculations, Payment Gateways and Inventory Management.

Quick Overview of Optional Features

True Replicated Sites

  • Personalized URL
  • Personalized Header
  • My Parties Home Page
  • My Upcoming Parties
  • Public Profile
  • Replicated Corp ecommerce
  • Replicated Corp Content
  • Replicated Corp Blog
  • Personal Customer Registrations
  • Guest Checkout
  • Realtime Customer Tracking
  • Realtime Order Tracking
  • Personal Distributor Joining
  • Realtime Distributor Tracking
  • Realtime Order Tracking
  • Replicated Contact Form

Member Back Office Suites

  • Realtime Sales Stats
  • Private Shopping
  • Manage Personal Customer
  • Manage Personal Distributors
  • Genealogy List View
  • Genealogy Graphical Downline
  • Genealogy Graphical Radial View
  • Home Party Manager
  • Sales Report
  • Downline Rank Report
  • Downline Levels Sales Report
  • Party Reports
  • Commission Earnings Report
  • Profile Manager
  • Public Anonymizer
  • Profile Images
  • Personal eWallet
  • Personal Store Credit Wallet
  • Corporate Training Area
  • On Hand Order Placement

Party Plan Consultant Suites

  • Party Homepage URL
  • Party Homepage Editor
  • Party Creator
  • Party Dedicated URL
  • Party Page Editor
  • Host Manager
  • Attendee Invitations
  • Set Products For Party
  • Social Share Party Link
  • Party Manager
  • Place Party Orders
  • Place Party POS Orders
  • Place Party On Hand Orders
  • Bulk Ship to Host
  • Bulk Ship to Consultant
  • Direct Ship to Customer
  • Bulk Payment Checkout
  • Split Payments
  • Keep Retail Bonus
  • Place Host Rewards
  • Place Booking Rewards
  • Party Sales Reports
  • Split Payments Reports

Party Plan Admin Suite

  • Host Rewards Unlimited Tiers
  • Booking Rewards
  • Parties Manager
  • Party Orders
  • Pending Party Bulk Ship
  • Pending Party Closed Shipping
  • Party Page Templates
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MLM Software

MLM Software is a Global term, for systems that run MLM, Direct Selling and Party Plan Companies

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Key Features

Public Site, eCommerce, Replication, Commission Engine, Back Offices, Party Management

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Both internal and third party applications that are hand-picked to promote expansion & growth

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MLM Marketing

Built-In Marketing Tools for your Company and Distributors designed to Drive Sales & ROI!

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Comp Plans

MLM Compensation Plans establish the motivation and atmosphere if your Sales Team

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MLM Software, Comp Plans, Biz Plans, Marketing, Product R & D - Over 25yrs of Service

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