Wildcard SSL: Needed or Not Needed?

Wildcard SSL: Needed or Not Needed?

Saturday, May 19, 2018

This will be a quick discussion of the use of Wildcard SSLs for your MLM Software.
Before I get too far into it, here is a surprise... any website, even a Static Site, I would state that you should get a Wildcard SSL.

What is an SSL?

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is, basically, a standard technology of security, for which many methods of encryption and hash technologies could be employed. The specific Crypto methods are controlled at the server level, which require specialized tools to manage, to disable older and vulnerable Cryptographic methods for better security.

Contrary to most articles, I will state the CONS to SSL usage on websites, then get to the meat of it.
With the many advantages that are involved, there are some disadvantages that should be stated:
  1.) Purchase and issue of an SSL is a 'process' that is easy to some, impossible for others
  2.) Server providers must setup or install a certificate once it is issued
  3.) Performance can be a disadvantage, as the information you send has to be encrypted by the server... basically, using more resources then would otherwise be needed.
  4.) Cost... you have to pay for an SSL certificate, and they can range from about $10 to over $1000.

Hackers employ many methods, attempting to gain access to systems or data. Capturing unencrypted data is one of the fastest ways for a 'less-than-honorable-person' to capture and/or utilize data transferred on a website.  Encrypting Data is like putting Locks on your front door. It's not a fail safe, but it is the first thing you should do.  Without it, you are wide open.

MLM Software - Website Security

Websites often provide a variety of functions, including Login, Checkout, Member Contact Info, and in some cases, Date of Birth, Social or Tax ID Number, and Credit Card Numbers.

MLM Software certainly requires Login of Admins, Customers and Distributors... where a user may enter their Username and Password in a form.  Further, the users often have their Personal Contact information, DOB and SSN.  Some MLM Software Systems also store a user's Credit Card Info, which will require you to consider PCI requirements.

Why would anyone enter a Password on a website, that has no encryption?
Why would anyone enter a Date of Birth or SSN on a website, that has no encryption?
Why would anyone enter Credit Card Checkout Information, on a website that has no encryption?

With all the risks out their, if your MLM Software is not using an SSL, you should order one quickly. Stop waiting!

MLM Software - Website Replication and SSL

MLM Software that provides Website Replication, offers a Login, Checkout, Member Data, Back Office and Admin, across Replicated Websites.  If True Replication, then the Replicated Websites are Subdomains.

What is a Subdomain?
https://www.google.com (www is a subdomain of google.com) can be a different version of the website
https://images.google.com (images is a subdomain of google.com) is a search for Images
https://support.google.com (support is a subdomain of google.com) is a support website
https://books.google.com (books is a subdomain of google.com) is a books search
https://docs.google.com (docs is a subdomain of google.com) is a document management platform
https://translate.google.com (translate is a subdomain of google.com) is a translation platform

Do you see the pattern?
If the domain is Google.com then anything before Google.com, like www, images, support, books, docs, translate... these are all subdomains.

Notice that a subdomain, like www can look exactly like the actual domain Google.com
But, also take notice that some subdomains are completely different.
You see, each subdomain is actually considered to be a separate website.

Now, would you like to purchase a Separate SSL for every single subdomain you have... your MLM Replicated Sites... and renew them annually?  That could cost a BUNDLE!  Or, would you like to purchase ONE SSL that is recognized against all SUB URLs of Your Website?

That's why you want a Wildcard SSL on your MLM Website! To cover the Top level Site, as well as the Replicated Subdomains!
..By the way, I stated at the beginning of this article, that static websites should also use a Wildcard SSL...
..Did you notice the example of www above?  Google.com Site 1 and www.Google.com Site 2.
..The www version of your site, is technically a different web address and can be a completely different site.
....Some people DO have a different site on the www version.
....Some people simply forward the www version to the primary version, or vise versa.
....Some people are blind to this detail and have a blank page on the www version of a site!

  1.) www. is a subdomain of a site
  2.) Many users still type in www when accessing a site... not all
  3.) Therefore, get a Wildcard SSL for a Static Site as well!


MLM Software 

MLM Software is the Front-End, Public Shopping Area, Distributor Back Offices, and Administration Platform for your company. It is, for a lack of better words, YOUR COMPANY in a Single Platform.  Properly done, the MLM Software System can be an incredible tool to manage, market and increase sales of your business.  At the very least, implement Wildcard SSL technology on your system.

Inspetta's core platform is called DB44, and on it we have Full Enterprise Systems down to Smart Start versions.

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