Labor Day Sale through MLM Software for MLM, Direct Selling and Party Plan

Labor Day Sale through MLM Software for MLM, Direct Selling and Party Plan
Friday, August 31, 2018

Types of Promotions

Promo Codes

Very simply, create a Discount Code that requires the user to Enter a Promo Code, like 20LaborDay for 20% off.  Go to your graphics department, or ask us for help, to develop a nice graphic/sales flyer.
Next, create an Email Blast to your Customer and Distributor/Consultant base and encourage them to share with their Customer and Distributor Prospects.  Serious Distributors or Consultants will immediately leverage this opportunity, to secure their first Customer or New Customer, etc, while promoting your company's brand!
(By the way, encourage them to share on their FB with a link to their Replicated Site!)

Free Shipping

Much like the Promo Code mentioned above, why not offer Free Shipping as a Promotion. Yes, Shipping Costs, it will either cost You or the Customer.  During holiday promotions, consider lifting shipping costs from your Customers!

Consider these points:

  • Over 70% of shoppers state Free Shipping as the #1 factor completing a purchase. ! We could say a Customer is 70% more likely to complete a purchase, if you are offering Free Shipping!
  • Over 50% of consumers will abandon the cart when they see the added costs of the order (Tax and Shipping). A Shipping Discount can dramatically impact your bottom line!

Buy one Get One Free

A Buy One Get One Free promotion, reduces your actual discount by half. If buy 1 at full price, get 1 free, then you have sold both for 50% off, AND Gained a Customer!... DURING the Summer Slump and Back To School portion of the year, where many companies Struggle to bring on ANY sales!

Remove Barriers

Surprisingly, this is a 50/50 topic, where you may need to test, to see if your target market responds better one way or another.  Many sites see a massive change in Customer Behavior, but Removing the Barrier of entering a Promo Code. In other words, the Cart Auto-Populates with the Stated Discount.  On the other hand, some Customer Groups don't seem as engaged to complete a transaction, as a Promo Code has the added flare of Limited Time, "I'm going to lose this Opportunity!"


As mentioned earlier, take time to develop, or ask us to do so, a nice Graphic as an Add or Add Sheet, and Possibly Smaller Versions to be shared in Social Media. Make sure the company's brand, color, fonts, etc are all consistent, as well as the imagery.


There are over 20 Holidays in the year, which provide Ample Opportunity to Increase Revenue, Move Product, and Increase your Customer Base.  Once the Sale Occurs, you now have an Increased List to market for the Next Holiday!  Ever Growing Customers... Go for it!  Ah! and why stop at 20 or 24 Holidays. There are soooo many Holidays. Some are Cultural, some National, some International, some Religious... some are just Fun, like Polar Bear Plunge Day!
All can be Opportunities to Creatively Reach and Expand your Customer Base!

Leverage MLM Software

Ok, now Pay Attention!  Real MLM Software, as we provide, has the Magic Pixie Dust... you just need to tap into it!

Key Areas to Tap and Leverage:
1.) Discounts Auto and Promo Codes
2.) At Checkout, Social Share of my Purchase for Discount
3.) Mass Email Promotion to All Users (Customers and Distributors/Consutlants in the MLM Software System)
4.) Place the Graphic(s) in Corp Resources of our MLM Software System for Distributors to Access themselves
5.) Replicated Sites - True Replicated Sites mean that Customer Sales on Replicated Sites will credit the Distributor/Consultants themselves!
6.) Distributors/Consultants, themselves... Your Sales Reps are an opportunity to Amplify your Message, beyond the Customer and Member Base in the System. By giving them Materials and Info about the promotion, Sales Reps can share in their Emails, their Personal Blog or Website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more!
7.) Landing/Funnel Page... Yes, we are the only MLM Software System, that can actually provide Landing/Funnel Pages, where you can market and promote a particular Product or Sale, and be Replicated across Member sites,... Correctly!

Are you Excited Yet??! There's More!

Marketing Calendar!

We are completing a Marketing Calendar, that spells out suggested Holidays and time-frames that you should consider marketing.  This can be used as a Simple Memory Jogger OR a Marketing Road-Map!

Xtreme Promote

Some companies can, and will, take action on the information in this Blog.  Some can or will not!
If you need help, Inspetta can spear-head a Holiday Marketing Campaign, leveraging the 7 Key Points above, for a Fee.
I believe you can do it yourself, but if you would like to see us Leverage the 7 Points above, with your Customer and Sales Rep Base.... Let Us XTREME Promote for you!  $1,500 per Holiday, with no contract. Just do one, and try it out!
You can burn $1,500 on a single Graphic Design, and nothing will get the results, that our Leveraged MLM Software System can.


Scott H Leonard
President/CEO Founder Inspetta LLC

Labor Day Sale through MLM Software for MLM, Direct Selling and Party Plan


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