White Label MLM Software

White Label MLM Software
Friday, February 15, 2019

What is a white label?
What are the benefits to white label MLM software?
What are the dangers of white label MLM software?

Great quesions!

Whitelabel software, in general, is a pre-built software program, that the developer or software owner grants the purchaser, the ability to remove their own branding, and allow the purchaser to put their branding in, presenting it as their own.
So, what is white label MLM software? One would think, it's the same thing... BUT.

True MLM Software, is pretty sophisticated... and technology continues to advance.
..Thus white label MLM Software, is mostly a twist of words, that your website is customized, to your website brand, and the MLM Software attached.
....The maker may choose to allow, their name to be removed for a fee...
.....But, they are not granting you permission to actually OWN or Sell it.

Basically, those using this term, are actually doing and granting the same options, that every other MLM Software provider offers.
a.) the MLM Software provider is usually noted in the footer, and html code.
b.) the MLM Company could pay a fee to suppress or fully remove the MLM Software provider's name appearing in the foot.


..Well, you certainly reduce the change of your Distributors, calling the Software Provider, to start their own business.
..You also reduce the chance of your competition, being fully aware of what sort of software, features, competitive edge you may have.


..Not much for the MLM Company, BUT for the Software Provider...
..The MLM Software provider, does not generate sales every hour, as the MLM Company does, with a traditional product.
....Instead, they rely on industry referrals, connections with industry leaders, and their ever-present name and link on sites...


True MLM Software, as from Inspetta, provides a robust features set for the Customer-Facing site, to Administration, to Distributor/Consultant Back Offices.
..It's important that they continue to advance their product, gain and maintain clients, as well as provide timely client support.

....It is also important for MLM Companies, to determine the following:
a.) I do not have a budget to pay a fee, to remove the MLM Software Company's name
b.) I do have the budget, and this is important to me!

Start by having a call, with your MLM Software provider, to determine the costs for removal.
It may be a large, one-time fee, or an annual fee.

MLM Software by Inspetta Powers some of the largest companies.


Call me Direct at 619-770-7107 -Scott

White Label MLM Software


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