MLM Industry News - POST COVID 19

MLM Industry News - POST COVID 19
Wednesday, June 3, 2020

MLM Industry News - POST COVID 19

COVID 19 seems to have destroyed economies around the world, at the National, State, Local and Personal Levels.
Based on what we are seeing, as Industry Insiders...
..The Market is about to EXPLODE!

Unfortunately, there will be thousands of bad biz opps, as well as thousands of good ones.
Hard times causes a few things..
  a. Desperate People to stand up and work
  b. Desperate People to do Desperate(wrong) things... i.e. create a scam

That combination will bring extreme scrutiny, while it also brings extreme opportunity!

Millions of people have been sheltering in place.
Tired, out of work, not sure if their work will continue.
..Some were able to transfer to a work-from-home model.

Extra time with the family has it's good and bad... some are tired of the noise.
..Others enjoy the time.

By and large, folks are building a MASSIVE Pent Up demand for Stay At Home Biz Opp.
..Where they can travel and leave the house if they wish..
..But where they won't be encumbered by a traditional 9 to 5 job.

Enter... MLM / Direct Selling Biz Opps
It is about to EXPLODE!

MLM Software is necessary to RUN an MLM / Direct Selling Biz Opp.
Positioning now is important, to capitalize on this Pent Up Demand.


Wishing you all the Success you can imagine!
Scott H Leonard
Inspetta LLC
MLM Industry News - POST COVID 19


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